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On this page you’ll find links to the major laws ECan is subject to or operate for the community. We hope you’ll find them useful for understanding issues and upholding your democratic rights


  • The law that sacked our elected councillors, delayed our regional voting rights and gave this governments commissioners sweeping powers:
  • Advice from the Auditor General on the separation of roles between the Councils policy making functions and the CEO / staffs adminstrative function.
    • Comment: Following the replacement of the former ECan CEO with the new CEO, in early 2011, there are some signs that the National led governments commissioners are attempting to insert themselves into the councils management functions  in contavention of  s. 39 of the Local Govt Act. The ECan Act does not appear to authorise commissioners to overide the separation of functions between the CEO & Council. The Auditor generals advice is linked below as citizens may wish to be familair with the separation of functions when engaging with or challenging ECans decision making functions.
      • Auditor Generals Advice on The Roles of the Chief Executive and the Elected Member: LINK
      • Also see ECans standing orders for conducting business: LINK
  • The Local Goverment Law – The Local Government Act

Open Government

Planning & Policy


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