Deputations & Petitions

Deputations to the Commissioners Council

If anyone or group wishes to appear and speak to the Commissioners Council or Committee meetings these are the procedures as we currently understand them:

  • A deputation is defined in councils rules as:
    • Deputation means a request from any person or interest group in the community to make a
      presentation to the Council.
  • Appointments to present a deputation to the Council or a Committee have to have permission of the chair of the council or committee via the council officers
  • Deputations are normally only permitted about items on the council agenda
    • Note this is not a standing order rule but has been ECan custom & practice
    • However, as many gatherings of this governments ECan commissioners are not strictly speaking meetings, as defined under the Local Government Act, but rather briefings or workshops we feel you could try notifying the ECan committee secretary that you want to present a petition at the most appropriate upcoming ‘meeting’ of your choice.
  • Deputations are normally required to give 2 clear working days notice to the committee secretary* of:
    • a wish to appear & speak
    • the subject of the deputation
    • the item on the agenda or previous minutes it relates to; or
      • that it does not relate to a metter on the agenda or previous minutes but should be matter of interest to the ‘Council’; or
      • is a presentation of petition under standing orders section 3.20
  • ECan meeting rules for: how many people can present, duration of presentation, language, respect etc can be found in ECans standing orders section 3.19. See below to download these.


Sometimes a council or committee agenda is not available until 2 working days or less before the meeting and this can impede your ability to give correct notice of a deputation on a matter on the agenda. Things you could do to in response:

  • Contact the committee secretary* to be put on the Councils list of people who are sent agendas;
  • If an agenda has been available only 2 days or less before the meeting date:
    • continue to give notice of your deputation as above
    • note that the 2 working days notice has not been possible to give due to late posting or receipt of the agenda
    • note in writing the date at which the agenda was received and the date/time you sent in your deputation appearance notice.
  • Give your notice by email or fax, noting the date and time it was sent.
    • ask for ECan to acknowledge receipt of your notice or set your email to return to you a read notice from the receipent.

Handy Resources for Deputations & Petitions:

  • Download ECan Standing Orders (rules for how the Council runs its meetings, correct as at Nov 2007): HERE (pdf 270KB)

    • Rules on deputations can be found on pdf pages(as opposed to document page no.) :
      • pg 3- Definition of deputation
      • pg 30 – 31 ~ Section 3.19 on Deputations & Presentations
      • Pg 31 ~ Section 3.20 on Petitions

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