How to Uphold Our Regional Democracy


  • Accountability: LINK

    • Holding this governments unelected ECan commissioners to public account
      • See how of our rates money they are taking

        Photo DON SCOTT/The Press 14/4/10

      • Holding them to their social contracts with us
      • View the community’s report card on their actions
  • Spread the Word: LINK

    • How to share us on your social network,
    • Join our newsletter & contact list,
    • Join a similar organisation,
    • Encourage your ECan councillor to join us,
    • Sponsor an advert (coming soon)
    • Letterdrop your neighbourhood (coming soon)
  • Free Speech: LINK

    • Let us know what’s going on at ECan
    • How to make a Protected Disclosure.
  • Activism Help & Resources: LINK

    • How to lobby for our democracy
    • Rates resistance and financial activism
    • Your rights and responsibilites at democracy events
    • How to organise a democracy event
    • How to organise a political campaign & how to tell what politicians are or are not saying.
  • Getting Official Information: LINK

    • How to lodge an official information request to ECan or the government
    • Guides on lodging and responding to official information requests

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