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  • The Governments Instructions to ECan Commissioners & Commissioners Reports to This Government
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Payments to Commissioners

As part of our commitment to hold this governments unelected commissioners to public account we are keeping tabs on commissioners daily fees, expenses, in-kind payments etc. Our calculations show a commissioner on $900/day is getting a pro-rata $150,000 pa or almost three times the basic salary of our elected councillors.

We say: At their daily fee pay rate commissioners should not be claiming additional expenses. Consultant pay rates are higher than salaried rates because they meet their own overheads, holidays, travel and office expenses. We say to be paid consultants rates while claiming expenses and taking in-kind provisions may raise the perception in Cantabrian’s minds of double dipping.

You can download a regularly updated pdf spreadsheet here:

Monthly Commissioner Payments (90KB pdf)

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National Led Governments Instructions to their ECan Commissioners

The commissions masters are not the Canterbury people but rather this National led government. We will post the governments instructions to their commissioners on this page and citizens can also find out what the commission is reporting back to their masters by lodging a local government official information (LGOIMA) request using our on line resources HERE.

  • MfE webpage on National led governments ECan Commission: LINK
  • April 2010: Government terms of reference to their commissioners: LINK
  • May 2010: National led governments instructions to their commissioners: LINK (PDF 186KB)



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