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July 2010Emailing ECans new CEO: Your recent searches reveal you have been trying to find the email address of ECans new CEO, Bill Bayfield. ECan uses the email address format or firstname.second, so Bills email will be and we have confirmed this as correct as his email address is also on the annual plan.

Phoning: If you wish to ring the CEO you will need to speak to, or ask for his Executive Assistant who we believe is Anita Fulton.
Calling from Christchurch: (03) 353-9007
Calling from any other area: 0800 324 636 (0800 EC INFO)

Visiting ECan’s CEO: ECan’s core administration is operating at Lincoln, Ellesmere Centre, 24 Edward Street, Lincoln. 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. This is because their Kilmore St building is believed to be yellow stickered and also within the fall zone of the red stickered Copthorne Hotel.

Map of Lincoln Office:

July 2010Making a Deputation or Petition to ECan. How to make a deputation or petition is a continuingly popular search. Our website has a detailed page on this subject that can be found HEREHint: swot up on ECan’s Standing Orders – these are the rules on how ECan should manage its meetings and meeting  interactions. Our opinion is that many of this governments ECan Commissioners have a skant knowledge of these and so you need to be able to quote the rules if necessary. Knowing correct procedures may also help you if you have to take the matter further to another authority such as the ombudsman or auditor genral.

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