Free Speech


Our Free Speech page is your place to let us know safely what’s going on inside or around Environment Canterbury.

In order for us to more effectively help hold this governments unelected commissioners to public account we’d like to hear the latest Environment Canterbury news, scuttlebutt, leaks, covert briefings, gossip – call it what you will.

The problem is, what CCC Mayoral candidate Jim Anderton referred to as, the present climate of fear and intimidation in the city. This atmosphere may be putting off good people from openly voicing concerns or standing up for change and we say that is bad for a strong, transparent and vital democracy.

So, on this page we suggest 3 ways for you to help bring some sunlight onto regional democratic issues:

  1. For information you are happy to send via normal email, we have provided a contact form below. This links directly to ECan in Exiles gmail account. Any emails sent via this form will remain within our gmail account and we will not forward it to third parties without your clearance.
  2. For information for which you need secure anonymity and protection of banking level encryption we suggest you submit information to the global transparency group Wikileaks. We regularly monitor the NZ page for information.
  3. Some employees have the option of making a disclosure under the Protected Disclosures Act 2000. Under this route you will not be communicating with us but with your employers or in some circumstances with another office such as the Ombudsman. Before making a disclosure we strongly suggest you refer to the Ombudsman for guidance on the Act, talk to your trade union or take competent legal advice.


ECan in Exile Information Reporting Contact Form

Please refer to FAQ’s below before submitting a report.

Please copy and paste into the contact form the matters under “What sort of information should be included in any report via our contact form” below and use it as guide to making your report.


  • What sort of things can I report:
    • The same sorts of things listed in Section 6 of the Protected Disclosures Act
    • Results from Official Information Act requests – we may request a link to the document stored on-line
    • Matters you suggest we make official information requests on.
    • Matters affecting council staff, contractors, stakeholders etc, such as
      • being pressured or required to undertake work or processes in conflict with democratic principles or legal requirements;
      • actions relating to staff or contractors that are contrary to publicly stated positions or undertakings in legal or council policy doucuments
      • having proper professional advice to commissioners ignored or being prevented from giving commissioners or their advisers such advice
  • What sort of information should be included in any report via your contact form:
      • please paste this list into the contact form & provide the details
    • Your name and whether or not you wish to maintain anonymity
    • Your dept, firm, site or broad location
    • What type of incident you are reporting eg: bullying, undemocratic action, duress pressure
    • A brief description of the matter you are reporting
    • A URL link to any document held by you on-line that you wish us to view (eg: an Official Information Act document)
    • The relationship between you and any person you are including in your report (eg: boss, Commissioner, workmate, subordinate, contractor, supplier, stakeholder etc)
    • How you came to know about the matter you are reporting (eg: first hand witness, your are involved, here-say, heard through others, gossip, scuttlebutt, speculation)
    • A statement saying “You are providing the information voluntarily and you agree to ECan in Exile contacting you.”
    • A statement saying whether or not you want to be further consulted before any follow-up action is taken by us.
  • What is your privacy policy
    • We will not reveal your identity to third parties, unless legally required, without your permission or clearance. We also give you the option of saying on the contact form that you want to be consulted before any further action is taken.
  • Is your contact form encrypted
    • NO! If you want enhanced security we suggest you submit a report to Wikileaks or consider accessing ECan in Exile via a such methods as a secure proxy server.
  • What happens next once a report is made?
    • We will compile the information internally and attempt to verify any information provided. We do not normally act on any information unless we can do so while protecting sources who require anonymity or deniability and evidence can be satisfactorily corroborated.
    • But please note – we cannot guarantee we can or will act on your report
  • What are your top do’s and don’ts for making ethical disclosures
    • Do read up about ethical disclosures: NZ LINK, NZ LINK, NZ LINK, NZ LINK, US LINK, UK LINK.
    • Do make an ethical disclosure about Canterbury democracy to us or wikileaks
    • Do set up a webmail email account to help preserve your privacy: LINK, LINK.
    • Don’t send emails from your work or home email accounts
    • Don’t get too personal – stick to the facts
    • Don’t make a disclosure about an active case before the courts
    • Don’t send us misinformation
  • What happens if I send you mis-information?
    • We say again – sunlight is a great disinfectant !

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