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UNDER INVESTIGATION: Does Govt Have Plans for Commissioners in Christchurch City Council Too?

We are looking into speculation that CCC may be subject to government commissioners too, post-election. If you have information you would like to share please contact us HERE.


We regularly monitor our site stats, comments and the top search terms you use to find us. In this new feature we attempt to provide the info you have been searching or asking for.ECan in Exile Clipart Megaphone-1

Sept 2011Does Dame Margaret Now Want to Be CEO Too?  Your recent searches indicate that you’re getting very interested in the separation of roles between the National led governments commissioners policy making  functions & the CEO/Staff administration role. If this reflects commissioners departing from their policy making role and instead getting into micro-managing administration is this both a worrying further erosion of our democratic safeguards and in our view, is beyond the commissioners legal rights.

To help citizens defend their rights we have updated our ECan Laws page with the Auditor Generals advice on the respective roles in council governance. You’ll find it  under the heading Governance by following this  LINK.

Our democratically elected ECan Councillors contact details are still popular searches. Also our latest information is that elected ECan councillors Eugenie Sage & Rik Tindall are currently standing for office, you can find all elected ECan councillors contact details by clicking the YOUR COUNCILLORS tab above.
July 2010Emailing ECans new CEO.
July 2010Making a Deputation or Petition to ECan.



To all people and groups with an interest in freshwater and land management & responsible development in Canterbury

Click HERE for recent & upcoming Water Management Strategy Meetings from the  website of our friends at Our Water Our Vote .

To visit the websites of other like minded organisations to view their events and news, see our webpage HERE


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About Us

This ECan in Exile website was formed in response to a public offer by a sitting ECan councillor that some Ecan councillors may be prepared to continue to represent their constituents as an ECan in Exile. The National led government have denied the regional councillors their opportunity to see out the rest of their term in office and also denied Cantabrians their democratic regional council voting rights until at least 2013.

But this website is not aligned to any particular regional councillor or political grouping and has been formed merely to allow Cantabrians to:

  • Contact their democratically elected regional councillors

    • See YOUR COUNCILLORS tab above
  • Get independent help with & understand regional council issues from our on-line service centre

    • See HELP-U tab above
  • Keep up with online news reports on ECan democracy issues

    • See News links below
  • Empower Cantabrians to get involved in the restoration of their regional democracy

    • See DEMOCRACY tab above
  • Help hold the governments unelected ECan commissioners to public account

    • See DEMOCRACY tab above

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